Oku Japan opens a branch on Japan's historic Nakasendo Trail

We have just opened a new branch located on the historic Nakasendo Trail! This comes 4 years after being the first tour operator to open a branch on the Kumano Kodo, allowing Oku Japan to more effectively work alongside local community members and encourage economic prosperity in the region.


Having pioneered self-guided walking tours to the Nakasendo Trail, Oku Japan has supported the area’s community for more than a decade, now receiving the great privilege to become part of the community itself as a result of a unanimous decision by the Tsumago Post Town Appreciation Society. 


Tsumago was the first town to be a designated Important Preservation District of Traditional Buildings, ensuring the preservation of the areas buildings and businesses. Operating out of a traditional Kominka home with more than 100 years of history, Oku Japan’s Tsumago branch respects the guidelines set by the Tsumago Post Town Appreciation Society and endeavours to continue its support of the community from a more direct and personal perspective.

Both locals and travellers alike are welcome to stop by to have a chat with our staff and rest before continuing along the trail. 

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Samantha Marino