Responsible Tourism

Acting responsibly as a tour company is at the core of our business. We want our small-group guided tours and our self-guided trips to contribute positively to the destinations they visit in Japan.

This is particularly important for rural areas, many of which faced decades of decline and depopulation as younger people moved away to the cities. There are now welcome signs that this tide has started to turn.

Bringing visitors to country communities helps sustain their economic viability. And it means that their society and culture can endure, too.


Our Mission

meaningful connections

Meaningful connections with local people

We want to foster genuine interaction between local populations and visitors – staying in family-run inns, meeting craftsmen and artists, and experiencing the unique, everyday qualities of each particular destination.

meaningful connections

Communities and local businesses

We aim to ensure the long-term sustainability of natural resources, culture and society, treating them with respect and fairness. Wherever possible we choose smaller lodgings owned and run by local people.

meaningful connections

Slow food and our carbon footprint

Our accommodation suppliers value locally-produced food, which has a lower carbon footprint and further encourages economic activity in the community. We prioritise public transport over tour buses – even on our small-group tours – and thereby lessen our environmental impact.